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Storm DNA Coil Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 60 degrees x 5 1/2" x 45 degrees

RG: 2.53"

Differential: .048"

M/b: .020"

Surface: 1500 Grit Sanded w/Reacta Gloss

Core shape: Asymmetric

Manufacturer's Intent: Meet the Storm DNA Coil, where the perfect fusion of coverstock and core elevates your game. Designed for versatility, the EXO Pearl coverstock with Reacta Gloss finish offers a clean, brilliant look without sacrificing midlane readability. Paired seamlessly with the Supercoil Core, this bowling ball ensures consistent, controlled reactions. The chemical friction and porosity of EXO Pearl prevent unexpected over/under reactions, providing length with forgiveness. Utilizing the same layout as its predecessor, the DNA Coil delivers early revving action, evolving into a longer, more angular ball motion as the lanes break down. The Supercoil Core, with strategically placed mass around its equator, lowers the RG, allowing the ball to read the midlane early and fulfill the demands of professionals worldwide for a powerful hook before the end of the pattern.

Storm's new DNA Coil is a ball that has not only impressed, but really surprised me since I drilled it up. As with most higher asymmetric value cores, I drilled this with my standard pin up drilling. I've left this ball at the factory surface with the Reacta Gloss applied to it. I say surprised for a couple of reasons. The original DNA was a ball that struggled down lane for a lot of our customers with a very smooth, arcing type of motion. Sometimes it was so smooth that it straightened in the backend too much. I wasn't sure at the time if it was the cover or the core (it's always the combination of) causing that to happen. DNA Coil is a completely different motion on the lane, confirming that it was mostly the cover (and its coarse finish) on the DNA that created the slow backend. DNA Coil is extremely snappy off of the friction comparatively.

I say impressed because that's exactly what this ball has done. It's an excellent matchup on the fresh at Olathe Lanes East. DNA Coil isn't too long, and revs in the mid-lane with its stronger core. I've rarely seen this ball over skid despite the ultra-glossy finish on it. What I see nearly every shot is mid-lane distance paired with an extremely strong move off of the dry. I wouldn't really classify it has a go long/flip hard product, because it's not as long as those balls typically are. That's actually a good thing in many cases. If you can get a ball to get into a roll phase closer to you while still maintaining strong backend, you can open the lane up pretty quickly.

I see DNA Coil being an excellent choice for the second ball in the bag of a Storm loyalist. It's not going to hook enough to be your super heavy oil ball. There are far better choices for that (Optimum Idol, Eternity Pi, Harsh Reality). But if you're looking for that piece you can throw far more often in that second slot in the bag, DNA Coil will be an excellent option. I also don't see DNA Coil being too specific toward any certain style of player. I have complete confidence recommending this piece to both low and high rev players.

DNA Coil is in stock in both 14# and 15# at Total Bowling Gear. Stop by today to check it out!


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