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Storm Absolute Power Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 45 degrees x 4 3/4" x 70 degrees

RG: 2.54"

Differential: .045"

M/b: .018"

Surface: 4000 Grit Sanded

Core shape: Asymmetric

Manufacturer's Intent: The Absolute Power falls in line with what Storm Bowling is known for best: backend reaction. The Absolute Power is the newest addition to the Premier Line in the lineup. It features the Sentinel core surrounded by the beloved R2S Deep Solid Coverstock. This solid version of the Absolute, will give more midlane read while maintaining its confident back-end reaction when compared to the original.

I drilled the Absolute Power with the same layout as the recently drilled Harsh Reality so I could see the difference in what Storm is producing across the two lines. While the balls have the same signature early roll and smooth/continuous backend motion, there are differences that are easy to see on the lane. Absolute Power is a little faster revving, earlier hooking version of the Harsh Reality. With those two tendencies in the early part of the lane, on most conditions I've seen Absolute Power as the slightly slower downlane ball when comparing the two on heavier oil environments.

Absolute Power is going to be at home on medium to heavier oil environments. I find it best when the fronts are very slick, and the backends are still on the fresher side. The crisper backends are a benefit to the ball for my particular game. Drilled with his lower pin layout, I saw well over 5" of track flare from the Absolute Power. That certainly contributes to its preference for fresher oil. There's simply a lot of friction built into this new product from Storm.

For bowlers who are building a Storm specific arsenal, this ball is going to be a must have. It's a vast improvement over the DNA, which most of our customers found to be very soft in the backend. Absolute Power is simply the best choice in the Storm lineup for truly heavy oil lane conditions. I also think Absolute Power will be a solid step up in hook from the Phaze II for bowlers who continue to use/purchase those. With the asymmetric property and the stronger R2S Deep Cover, Absolute Power will transition nicely against a Phaze II.

I'm not bowling in places right now with enough oil to make this ball usable that often, but it will certainly stick around in the bag for my trip to the Greater Ozarks in a few months. If the team house goes back to its trademark slicker condition, it will definitely see the lane there.

Absolute Power is in stock now in 14# and 15# at TBG!


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