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Brunswick Quantum Evo Response Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 60 degrees x 4 3/4" x 45 degrees

RG: 2.52"

Differential: .053"

M/b: .024"

Surface: 1500 Sia Air w/ Factory Compound

Core shape: Asymmetric

Manufacturer's Intent: Brunswick tested the three previously used EVO cores and determined the QCS-24 to perform best for the intended ball reaction. The Quantum EVO Response also uses DynamiCore 2.0, which has only been used in the Quantum EVO series and adds additional hitting power and durability. The advancement in this evolution of Quantum is the HK22 coverstock. HK22 creates traction in oil with a shiny finish and the response and continuation on the backend. Bowlers are asking for HK22 by name; this combination of Quantum technology and the HK22 cover base is the leap in performance bowlers will need in their bags.

Quantum Evo Response was the 3rd new ball I've drilled for my new setup this season at Olathe Lanes East Aces league, and this one came out of the gate very strong. I started with a slightly stronger than normal layout for this asymmetric core piece. I wanted to ensure that the ball had enough track flare to not get into any kind of skid/snap phase. I wanted the Evo Response to be the earlier rolling piece of my new bag (see Dark Web Hybrid and Crypto Boom reviews), and the layout helped accomplish that. I also took the compound off of this ball before I ever threw it and finished it back up to just 4000 grit with no polish/compound. This combination worked out extremely well. I ended up creating a mid-lane rolling monster with a ton of backend movement.

The response off of the friction from the Evo Response is pretty eye-popping. I was very surprised by how strong his ball dug into the lane pattern. The first night out I was able to create a huge breakpoint to throw the Evo Response at. For my game, the Evo Response ended up a solid 5-6 boards stronger than the Dark Web Hybrid, with far more movement in the backend of the lane as well. The reaction was so spot on that I haven't adjusted the surface at all since drilling it. I just continue to clean it when I'm done bowling, as you should with every performance ball you own. Evo Response is a monster compared to the Crypto Boom that I drilled as well.

This is a product I could easily see myself drilling again with a second layout/surface option. I really haven't had much luck with Quantum core balls in the past, so I wasn't expecting to get a new "favorite" ball, but that's exactly where this piece ended up. I'll be throwing this all season long (when there's enough oil) at Olathe Lanes East. There does seem to be a lot of variances in that building from pair to pair, week to week, opponent to opponent, etc. When we're on the higher end of the building, which I typically see as a little slicker, this one will definitely get shots in practice.

My last new piece to complete the Tuesday night bag is likely to be a polished, large flare potential ball. If there's anything I'm missing between the Crypto Boom, Dark Web Hybrid, and this Evo Response, it's a polished option that doesn't skid/snap. My Crypto Boom definitely Booms off of the dry, and while that's good on certain lanes, it's not necessarily the best in that building. We'll see what comes out next and try to fill in the pieces from there!


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