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Hammer NU Blue Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 50 degrees x 4 1/2" x 40 degrees

RG: 2.60"

Differential: .026"

M/b: n/a

Surface: 1000 Grit Sanded

Core shape: Symmetric

Manufacturer's Intent: Hammer is excited to introduce a revolutionary ball – actually a game-changer for bowlers seeking alternatives to traditional urethane ball reaction. With recent changes to PBA rules regarding traditional urethane, Hammer took on the challenge of producing a ball that would mimic the performance attributes of the famous Purple Pearl Urethane Hammer without using urethane… and we nailed it. The NU Blue Hammer is “not urethane” but delivers a urethane ball motion. It is versatile, smooth, consistent, and predictable, making it ideal for challenging lane conditions. Bowlers will experience all the advantages of a reactive ball that can be used in any competition while benefiting from the classic Purple Pearl Urethane ball motion that has dominated the lanes for years.

NU Blue has been the ball of the season so far. This is one of the rare ball releases that truly yields a different motion on the lane. So, first thing's first - if you're looking for a new Hammer that will go long and flip hard, NU blue is NOT your piece. But if you're looking for the anti-that, something smooth and controlled, something that doesn't flip off the friction, then NU Blue is what you'll want to be looking at. NU does exactly what Hammer intended. It's early rolling, smooth off of the dry, and just rolls through the pattern. There is no skid/snap to this ball at all. You can see it in all the marketing videos as well. Even the no thumb players have moved back to the right and have smoother than normal ball motion. This is a very, very unique piece with significant benefit over traditional urethane.

The first thing that makes this better than traditional urethane is that it will actually hook for the regular bowler. Most urethane balls don't really do much for your average rev rate players. It's one reason we actually shy away from urethane for the majority of our customers who use a thumb. They're nice for no thumb players, but generally don't get a lot of use otherwise. But the NU Blue will have all kinds of application for a wide range of styles. On short oil patterns, flat oil patterns, difficult tournament shots, this ball is going to be right at home due to its smoother motion.

I also like this better than traditional urethane because it will polish. Getting something like a Purple Urethane to polish is nearly impossible. But this ball will take on polish and will shine in 3-5 minutes on our machines. That means we can manipulate the ball's motion and increase or decrease hook by changing surface. That's a huge benefit to the NU Blue.

I've also noticed in my bowling with the NU Blue that it seems to change the lane less than traditional urethane. Because this is "Not Urethane," it does absorb oil. That means it won't push the oil down lane nearly as quickly as regular urethane balls. That makes it more usable in environments where you may be concerned about how you're affecting your teammates on the lane (Open Championships, Greater Ozarks, etc).

Overall, this is going to be the best-selling ball of the year, not only because it's a fantastic piece, but it does something unique compared to everything else. It also has that cache of looking like the original Blue Hammer, which seemingly everyone had back in the late 80's/early 90's.

We've got the Nu Blue in stock from 12# through 15#. Come see us today to check them out!


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