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Storm Summit Peak Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 45 degrees x 4 1/2" x 70 degrees

RG: 2.46"

Differential: .056"

M/b: n/a

Surface: 1500 Grit w/ Reacta Gloss

Core shape: Symmetric

Manufacturer's Intent: Looking for a different reaction for the lanes? The Summit Peak is unlike anything else in your bag. Utilizing a pearl version of the TX-23, along with the performance-proven A.I. Core Technology, this bowling ball is certain to become a “must have” by bowlers of all skill levels.

Summit Peak is my first pin up ball from the Storm line in a while. With some adjustments to their Reacta Gloss finish, it appears that balls are starting to not only corner a little better, but also a little quicker when they see the friction. This is a low rg, polished cover, symmetric core ball. What that usually means is predictable results. With this layout on the Summit Peak, I got exactly what I thought I would. It's super long through the front of the lane, angles off the friction fairly quick, and continues nicely downlane.

Summit Peak has rolled very good at several standard league environments here in town. The ball motion is a great matchup at Olathe Lanes East, where length through the front of the lane is often needed. We've had several reports of bowlers at KC Bowl, Summit Lanes, and Aaron's Fun Center also matching up well with this new piece. It definitely has the attention of the Storm users in town.

With the Reacta Gloss finish, Summit Peak only struggles when there is significant oil on the lane. Otherwise, this ball is extremely versatile and able to be used by a wide range of players. In the Storm lineup, Summit Peak is going to be your natural step down from a Phaze II. By staying with a symmetric core and going to a polished cover, Summit Peak should let you ball down from the Phaze II with ease as the lanes are starting to dry up. It's also going to be a great option after the stronger asymmetric polished balls, like a Virtual Energy Blackout, or even an Exotic Gem in the Roto Grip line. The versatility in Summit Peak is one of the strongest attributes in this launch by Storm.

The new Storm Summit Peak is in stock at Total Bowling Gear now in both 14# and 15#. Stop by to learn more about this new product.


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