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Radical Payback Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 45 degrees x 4 1/2" x 70 degrees

RG: 2.54"

Differential: .041"

M/B: n/a

Surface: 1500 grit sanded

Core shape: Symmetric

The sharp-looking Payback is the latest symmetric core introduction in the Radical Bowling line. The Payback features Brunswick’s innovative outer core technology called DynamiCore. This industry-leading technology is a more durable outer material that yields less compression upon impact, increasing hitting power and creating more pin carry. The Payback is a benchmark addition to the Radical symmetrical line-up. This new Mo Pinel core design has an RG of 2.54 and a differential of 0.04, and is wrapped with the Ai-27 Pearl Plus. This cover core combination fills a gap in Radical's symmetrical line, creating more mid-lane motion than the Bonus line and more backend than the Intel line.

I chose my standard pin down drilling for this symmetric piece. As I'm going to detail in my first 50 shots video, that was probably the wrong choice for this sanded symmetric ball. Had I gone with a taller pin up drilling, I think I would see quite a bit more backend motion out of the Payback. With the pin down drilling, the first thing I noticed was smooth with control. Payback never jumps off of the spot too hard, and blends wet/dry lanes very well. I've yet to bowl on anything real short or super wet/dry, but I think this piece will be useful when I encounter those. On heavier oil conditions this ball was pretty mild, and just didn't quite have enough guts to really dig in the oil and turn the corner. That's not really it's intent anyway, so I didn't expect much in that environment. But the Payback did confirm the design intent. You'll want to keep this one on medium to drier conditions typically.

The cover on the Payback is fairly easy to get through the front of the lane. I've messed around with some polish as well, and made the Payback super long on even drier house condition lanes. I chose to return my Payback to the 1500 grit sanded finish, as I feel like that's going to match up best when I find those wet/dry conditions. The overall shape of this piece by Radical is super-smooth in this lower pin layout, and a touch on the weaker side for average house conditions. As I said before, I think I'd prefer a taller pin drilling next time to see a more standard motion out of the Payback.

Inside the Radical lineup, I have this ball far milder than the new Trail Blazer (which is fantastic by the way). Payback is a good 6-8 boards straighter overall with a slower move down lane than the Trail Blazer. They're a pretty interesting 1-2 combination on new launches right now if you throw them side by side though. In my opinion, the Radical line has the widest variety in motions in the Brunswick family, and Payback helps fill that gap.

Payback comes in a really sharp looking 2-color combination. The release date on the Payback is 10-22, and we'll have them ready to go at Total Bowling Gear. Stop by and learn more about this new intro from Radical. Wow, that's Radical! Lol.


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