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Storm Trend Ball Review

Layout: 45 degrees x 4 1/2" x 70 degrees

RG: 2.52"

Differential: .049"

Surface: 1500 grit polished

Core shape: Symmetric

Storm's brand new Jason Belmonte signature series ball features the Piston core shape first debuted in the Pro-Motion, which we liked a lot at TBG. Combined with a 1500 grit polished R2S Pearl coverstock, the Trend offers more of what Storm users tend to prefer. Extreme length with extremely fast response to the dry boards are easily found with this new one.

I drilled my Trend with my standard pin down layout. This typically gives me a late mid-lane type of transition with a "curvy" response to the backend. I don't prefer to see the ball really whip sideways off of the backend, so this layout tends to mitigate some of the built-in backend manufactured into the products in the market. With the Trend, even this layout wouldn't hold it back. This ball is extreme length in the oil portion of the lane. It's so long that I could easily see this ball actually being useful a little later into your league set or tournament blocks. For me it was a touch long in the fresh oil out of the gate. Once the oil transitioned a bit and broke down some, this ball steadily improved as I moved further left.

The amount of backend built into the Trend is pretty stunning. I'm not sure there's anything in the marketplace right now that moves right to left as quick as this ball. Many of our league-only players will find this ball pretty "fun" to throw, as it makes you look like you can throw the big backend shot. This shouldn't be a surprise since it uses the Pearl R2S cover, also found on the Hyroad Pearl. That's another Storm piece known for extreme length and extremely quick backend movement. For me, the Trend is so much movement down lane that I'm going to prefer this one later in the set when I can really throw it away from the pocket and take advantage of the angle it can create downlane.

This is a really beautiful ball with multiple variations of blue pearl poured into the cover, and it's one of the stronger scented balls I've found lately (Blueberry). Stop by Total Bowling Gear and learn more about the Trend today!

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