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Storm Electrify Pearl Review

Layout: 30 degrees x 4 1/2" x 30 degrees

RG: 2.51"

Differential: .030"

Surface: 1500 grit polished

Core shape: Symmetric

Storm's brand new Hot Line features two new Electrify intros. The one pictured to the left is the Electrify Pearl (frosted cake scented). It smells delicious! They also have an Electrify Hybrid in a silver/mulberry/red combination (grape scented).

Both of the new Electrify intros use a new Circuit core shape with a medium rg/low differential combination. This gives the ball a mid-lane rev pattern with a low track flare potential. They've had success making similar core dynamics in the Hustle series at the Storm plant. The Storm Electrify Pearl uses a pearl Reactor coverstock. Reactor is a veneer material they've been using for years on balls at the Storm plant and is very proven and reliable for drier lane performance.

My First 50 Shots video for the Electrify Pearl can be viewed here: Overall you can see that the ball has a very mild, smooth motion on a fresh house pattern. With the polished finish, it can get a touch weak when kept on top of the oil in the center of the lane, but that's not where this ball is designed to be anyway. You can tell that once I bend this ball out to the 4/5/6 range downlane, the motion really improves with a smooth rolling breakpoint. I haven't tried any surface changes to this ball as I feel like it would simply confuse the ball motion. But given the success I had with the sanded Hustle P/B/R it may be worth a shot.

Come by the store to learn more about both the Electrify Pearl and Hybrid at Total Bowling Gear! We have them in stock now in both 14# and 15# weights.

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