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Storm Phaze III Ball Review

Layout: 45 degrees x 4 1/2" x 70 degrees

RG: 2.48"

Differential: .051"

Surface: 1500 grit polished (factory finish)

Core shape: Symmetric

What I wanted from this ball: After drilling a few polished balls this year with non-standard layouts for me (Idol Pro and MVP), I wanted to get back to my standard layout and end up with a polished ball that would hook a little bit. The last few polished balls I drilled were extremely long and not real useful on the house patterns I bowl on most often.

What I ended up with in this ball: In my opinion, Phaze III is the strongest hooking polished ball in the marketplace right now, just ahead of Brunswick's Prism Hybrid. Phaze III offers a low rg core system that revs up very quickly off the bowler's hand. For those that had the original Phaze or Phaze II, you'll see that same high-revving action with this fast spinning core system. But that's where the similarities end. This ball rolls nothing like the 2 previous Phaze intros. Phaze III is just long enough through the front of the lane to clear the heads and early mid-lane, but then picks up in the 30-40 foot distance on your typical house shot. This is key because it means this ball doesn't over-skate when it sees heavier volumes of oil. But transitioning earlier than your standard polished balls, Phaze III gives you the feel of control, while providing the benefit of length.

In the backend this ball is a monster. Once it sees friction it transitions into the roll phaze quickly and heads left. I haven't seen this ball rollout once in the weeks I've been throwing. With it's quick breakpoint and continuation, I'm able to throw Phaze III from very deep inside angles and it seems to recover on just about any lane pattern. Combine these features with a great color scheme and a delicious scent, and you've got a very hot ball from the Storm brand.

We've got plenty of these balls in stock for the Christmas season. Come see us for more info today at TBG!

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