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900 Global Truth Pearl Ball Review

Layout: 45 degrees x 5" Pin x 70 degrees

No weight hole required

Surface: 1500 grit Polished

What I wanted from this ball: Ultimately I wanted this ball to be the last ball in my bag for my Open Championships trip coming up next week. I had a specific need in my bag and thought this would fit the bill. I simply wanted a polished ball option that would give me a stronger mid-lane than usual, while giving me a little more "kick" down lane than the other polished balls I plan on taking.

What I ended up with from this ball: So far things look pretty good with the Truth Pearl. The cover and finish get this ball extremely long through the front of the lane for my game. It may actually be a bit too easy to scoot through the fronts, and might require a touch of surface once I get to Las Vegas. The 5" pin also delays the breakpoint for me quite a bit. You'll note there's no weight hole required in this ball, but I've certainly got the option to add one. This ball weights out right at an ounce of positive side weight, and 3/8 of an ounce of finger weight. So I've got all kinds of options to increase/decrease track flare if desired. I'm likely to add a large hole in the ball to get a little additional kick down lane. One of the things we do a lot of at TBG is offering our customers the ability to fine tune their ball motions through the optional use of weight holes. Come see us today if you want to learn more about this!

Overall, the Truth Pearl is definitely one I'll be considering for the OC. It's unlikely to be in play early on either day, but could help me through drier lane transitions if we break them down a lot.

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