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Ball Review: DV8 Vandal Smash

Ball: DV8 Vandal Smash

Surface: 500 / 4000 Grit Siaair Pad Sanded

Layout: 60 degrees x 4 3/4" x 45 degrees

Positive Axis Point: 5 1/2" x 1/2" Up

Balance Hole: 13/16" x 2" deep on the VAL, 1 1/2" below the PAP

Our Bowler's Blog series will cover a variety of topics, including ball reviews from balls that I personally drill. First up is the Vandal Smash by DV8. I drilled this ball with the hope of matching up in the early portion of my Tuesday evening league at Sterling Bowl. Sterling Bowl has Brunswick Pro Anvilane lane surface, with what usually feels like a bit of an over-walled or wet/dry lane condition. The pattern shape from left to right always feels somewhat wet/dry, while the backends can be a bit more variable from week to week. They also use a high volume of lane oil in the center of the lane.

For my physical game, all of that sums up to a few constants when I bowl this league. First, I'll need a stronger ball to make sure it reads the mid-lane. Using weaker coverstock or polished surfaces tends to get me in a lot of trouble in this league. Second, I should be slower transitioning balls, as the wet/dry lane conditions tend to create a very quick reaction when the ball sees friction. This is most prominent in the left to right placement on this lane pattern.

I chose the Vandal Smash for a few reasons. This ball is a low rg piece (2.49"), with a sanded coverstock that uses DV8's Composite chemistry; the strongest coverstock base they offer in their line. It's also a higher differential ball (.055") designed to have strong track flare potential. Finish it off with a moderate .011" mass bias strength, and we end up with a ball that wants to roll in the oil without over-jerking off of the dry.

The Vandal Smash ended up matching up extremely well on the league pattern and surface that I'm bowling on. Our first week they were slightly more blended, and the Vandal Smash opened up the lane really nicely. This week they were much more wet/dry to begin with, but it still controlled the pocket well. I have the Vandal Smash a little cleaner down the lane than most high-performance balls on the market, and definitely with more backend motion than most balls out there right now. All in all, this is a fantastic new piece from DV8, and one we'll be recommending in the store to several customers.

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