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Storm Proton Physics Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 60 degrees x 5" x 40 degrees

RG: 2.53"

Differential: .052"

M/B: .017"

Surface: 2000 grit sanded

Core shape: Asymmetric

Part of the continued building of my 14# arsenal, I chose a Storm Proton Physics as I started looking for a super heavy-oil piece. This is typically a slot in my bag that ends up being a 5-10%'er. What I mean by that is that I don't get to use them a whole lot, but when I do they're the obvious choice. I drilled the Proton Physics with the same layouts as my other 14#s so far. It's a pretty standard pin up drilling, above the bridge, with the mass bias just right of my thumb. You can see the exact layout specs above.

Proton Physics is exactly as billed by Storm. This ball hooks a bunch, and hooks very early. It's a high mass bias core shape designed to rev quickly off of the bowler's hand, and man does it. It's partly the color contrast in the ball, but this just looks like it revs a ton. The lower rg, higher mass bias combination gives this core the ability to handle the heaviest oil patterns you'll find. By combining it with a 2000 grit NeX solid reactive cover, it's going to be one of the biggest oil pieces in the market place right now. I honestly haven't found enough oil locally to throw this ball yet on a consistent basis. I may have to look for a tournament pattern to find something to get more use for my specific game.

Bowlers without a high amount of revolutions, or our higher ball speed customers will find this piece to be a welcome addition to their bag. The mid-lane traction is going to be a big benefit to that type of player, as this ball simply doesn't get past the breakpoint without digging into the lane. If you threw the Storm Axiom, you're basically looking at a higher core-power version of that ball since they utilize the same coverstock. If Axiom was a piece you liked, you're going to like this one, and likely vice versa. If you haven't bought a Storm ball in a couple of seasons and are looking to replace older products such as a Sure Lock or Gravity Evolve, this is going to be a great matchup for you as well.

I'll likely be keeping this one at home on heavier oil patterns. I don't see much need to change the surface and try it here. I'll let this one play where it's designed to be. In the flood.

Stop by the store to learn about, or just smell the Storm Proton Physics!


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