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Storm Parallax Effect Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 60 degrees x 5 1/2" x 40 degrees

RG: 2.55"

Differential: .051"

M/B: .017"

Surface: 1500 grit polished

Core shape: Asymmetric

Storm's newest Premier line ball, the Parallax Effect, is the second ball in the Parallax line, designed for extreme length and backend flip. This is the second use of the Aeroflo core in the Storm line. Using the Aeroflo core creates a higher than normal rg in this asymmetric core shape, taking the ball deep into the backend before it senses friction. All of this yields higher entry angle into the pins, with greater overall pin action. Storm has pearlized their Traction X7 Coverstock on the Parallax Effect, pushing the ball motion even further down the lane in combination with the Aeroflo core.

I drilled the Parallax Effect with a 60 x 5 1/2" x 40 layout, similar to many balls that I drill. This layout by design takes the ball further down the lane before it sees hook, and then creates a quick change in direction at the breakpoint. That layout in combination with the Parallax Effect design gives me the most skid/flip ball reaction in my bag right now. So far Parallax Effect has proven to be an effective product on a wide range of conditions, including my house shot league at Olathe East, as well as my sport shot league at Ward Parkway. I've found this product to be a giant leap forward in ball motion from the first Parallax, and it's one we'll be recommending to anyone looking for a late breaking, quick backend type of product.

The Effect gets through the front of the lane very easily for me on everything from fresh lane conditions to even choppy heads on sport patterns, which allows the ball to really shine in the backend. With the quicker transition offered by this Parallax, you can really open up your angles and play further inside on the lane without fear that the ball won't hook. I have this product in the 2-3 boards stronger range versus an identical layout Nuclear Cell as an example of what I see it doing on the lane. It's definitely more ball reaction than balls like the Axiom Pearl or Phaze III as well. In my opinion, this is easily the best performing asymmetric on the Storm side that can be used on a wide range of conditions. Proton Physix is a nice piece, but has limited use on heavier oil. Parallax Effect is in play on a lot of different stuff that you'll see on the lanes.

Balls that the Parallax Effect will replace the motion of in the Storm/Roto line include Snap Lock, No Rules Pearl, Nuclear Cell, and Astro Physix. If you're looking to upgrade one of these, this is your product.

If you're bowling a late season tournament, or if you would like to try something new for these last 7-10 weeks of winter league, give this one a look! It's definitely a worthwhile entry from the Storm brand. Stop by TBG to learn more about the Parallax Effect today.


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