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Storm Axiom Pearl Ball Review

by Jeff Ussery at Total Bowling Gear

Layout: 60 degrees x 4 1/2" x 40 degrees

RG: 2.48"

Differential: .050"

Surface: 1500 grit polished

Core shape: Symmetric

Storm's brand new Master series ball, the Axiom Pearl, is the first introduction of the NeX Pearl Reactive coverstock to the product line. Wrapped around the ultra-low rg Orbital Core system, the Axiom Pearl is early to mid-lane revs combined with a fast change in direction at the breakpoint that is unmatched in the Storm product line.

For many of our customers, Axiom Pearl is going to be the product they may have expected their Phaze III to be. Phaze III also uses a low rg symmetric core system, but features the R3S pearl reactive cover. You can really see the difference the coverstock makes on a ball when you line these two products up side by side. For players like myself who tend to be a little more speed dominant versus their rev rate, there where times when the Phaze III just went through the breakpoint and didn't really see the lane. Axiom Pearl has the NeX (Nano Extreme) Pearl reactive combination, giving it a slightly earlier read than the Phaze III, without giving up any change in direction. For players with lower speed and lower revolution combinations, we'll likely still recommend the Phaze III as it seems to match up excellent for those customers. But Axiom Pearl will be a nice addition to the bag for many of our customers.

You'll notice I also drilled this ball slightly stronger than my normal symmetric layout equipment. I've learned that my speed is starting to dominate my game enough, so I can actually take advantage of more aggressive pin positions than I previously thought. After several pieces using this stronger 4 1/2" pin placement rolling well, it looks like I'll be trending this way in the future. It's very possible what works for you can change over time. Be sure to talk to our staff about how to fine tune your layouts and equipment to maximize the results.

I haven't tried any surface changes on the Axiom Pearl yet, as it simply rolls too good for me to touch it. I would bet that you'll get similar results to an original Axiom if you were to sand the polish off of the ball. This ball is fantastic looking by the way, with a really eye-catching color that's unique to the marketplace right now.

Stop by on October 9th to pickup an Axiom Pearl, or the new urethane Fast Pitch from Storm Products!


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