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Roto Grip Rubicon UC2 Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 45 degrees x 4" x 70 degrees RG: 2.53" Differential: .052" M/B: .009" Surface: 1500 grit polished Core shape: Asymmetric The new Rubicon UC2 is a follow-up to the solid coverstock Rubicon released back in the fall. The Rubicon was a nice rolling ball featuring a new Rondure core shape that used low asymmetry to create the effect of a symmetric core ball with a large balance hole in it (since we can't use the balance holes any longer). UC2 is an e-Trax Pearl Reactive version in this series with a 1500 grit polished finish, wrapped around that same Rondure core from the Rubicon.

I laid my Rubicon UC2 out with my typical pin down layout, using a stronger 4" pin to positive axis point distance. This means the ball will have a large amount of track flare, typically creating more hook and usually in a smoother shape. I have several balls I'm carrying right now that are polished with taller skid/flip pin positions (Nuclear Cell, Hell Raiser Return, Idol Synergy) and wanted a polished ball that didn't hockey stick off of the end of the lane pattern. I didn't exactly end up with that here, but that doesn't mean this new piece rolls bad. With the UC2, I found a very skid/flip ball motion to the ball design even with the layout I used. What that means is that if I had used my standard pin up layout, I would have gotten even more of that skid/flip ball shape. So while it doesn't exactly fit what I was hoping it would do, it will still be a useful piece in my bag.

UC2 clears the front of the lane super easily with the 1500 grit polished pearl reactive e-Trax cover. This cover, in combination with the visual appearance of the black pearl color, gives the appearance of a ball that gets extremely long down the lane before it sees any friction. Once it does, the UC2 turns extremely hard in a very quick reacting fashion. If you're bowling on softer league conditions that are more blended, this ball will be right at home. It's going to allow you to open the lane up and create larger entry angle to the pocket (creating better pin action). If you're bowling on more of a wet/dry condition, something with a duller finish like the original Rubicon is going to be the better choice until the lanes blend out. Wet/dry is going to be the weakness is a ball like this, but that's honestly by design. Manufacturers don't expect these types of launches to roll good when the lane is in that wet/dry condition. They have better products for that condition.

I prefer the UC2 further inside on the lane. On the league conditions I'm bowling on it's simply too much backend to start it close to the drier portion of the pattern. I never really found any limit when moving left with this ball. The further I moved, the more it increased backend motion. It also responded really well to release changes as a side note.

If you're battling some medium to drier league conditions this winter, give the Rubicon UC2 a look. It's going to excel in those environments for sure!


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