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Roto Grip Rubicon Ball Review

September 23, 2020 by Jeff Ussery at Total Bowling Gear

Layout: 45 degrees x 5" x 70 degrees

RG: 2.49"

Differential: .052"

M/B: .011"

Surface: 3000 grit sanded

Core shape: Asymmetric

The Rubicon is Roto Grip's answer to the new weight hole rule implemented by USBC. By creating a low-asymmetric shape core with the Rondure core shape, they've created the effect of having a symmetric core ball with a large weight hole drilled in it. The end result is basically a "super-strong" symmetric core motion, paired with an aggressive eTrax coverstock.

I drilled this one up with my standard pin down layout, just like my favorite symmetric core layout from the past. In the past I usually would have placed a 1" diameter hole on my vertical axis line (5 1/2" over), and then 2" down. What I found was that this core shape delivers just as promised. This is the high-revving mid-lane look I used to have with pin down/hole down balls in my bag. Combined with the 3000-grit finish, I've found the Rubicon to be excellent on anything from medium to heavier oil lane conditions. You won't find the hook potential of a ball like a UFO, but it is certainly only one step down from there. This piece will out-hook everything else in the Roto Grip line, including an original Idol.

I've not tried any surface changes on this one yet, as I simply like the ball too much to do anything but just clean it after use. With the strong eTrax S-20 cover, my opinion is that you'll be better off keeping this one in duller finishes. I don't think it will take long to see a pearl version of this ball though. This one simply rolls too good to not expand it further in the Roto Grip product line.

If you're a fan of the Storm/Roto Grip ball motions, this is definitely one you should be taking a look at. In particular if you've liked past releases including the Physix or original pink Idol, this one is a must-add to your bag. Stop by TBG today to learn more about this new ball from Roto Grip!


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