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Radical Trail Blazer Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 60 degrees x 5 1/2" x 40 degrees

RG: 2.52"

Differential: .050"

M/B: .020"

Surface: 1500 grit/Compound finish

Core shape: Asymmetric

Along with the Payback, I also received a Radical Trail Blazer to drill up and test out on the lanes. This one has been a really fantastic add to my bag, and has put a little cash in the pocket in a few different weeks of league so far. Trail Blazer is a high asymmetry core shape (.020") paired with a medium rg and medium differential setup. By design, this ball should have very strong and continuous mid-lane roll, and that's exactly what I see from the new Trail Blazer.

I went with my pin up drilling on this one when I saw the intermediate differential was so high (m/b strength). With stronger mass bias balls, we typically recommend drilling them with taller pin ups to preserve some motion for the backend. Drilling lower pins on highly asymmetrical core shapes can all add up to early burn and the dreaded roll out. Add in my natural physical game, and it was no question this ball was getting a taller pin. So my standard pin up layout is shown here in the picture. This is basically setup for the biggest length/backend combination possible for my positive axis point and the way I throw the ball.

I really like this addition to the bag for a few reasons. When I throw the Trail Blazer it really gets down the lane nicely compared to most strong asymmetric balls. A lot of times these balls have a tendency to mid-lane too much and lose steam in the backend, but I just don't see that with this new Radical piece. When it does see the friction a little earlier than it wants, it still keeps going down lane, which is a huge benefit to this ball. I told someone at league the other night that this ball is a "chugger." It seems to "chug" through the oil and create friction when other balls can't, and it still keeps coming down lane harder than other Radical balls in the line right now.

While having a fair amount of backend motion, I also see a lot of predictability from this piece. Trail Blazer controls the breakpoint well once lanes have reached a wet/dry condition from left to right. And it's perfect on the fresh when the backends are screaming. I've noticed that it seems to just match up well at a lot of different places so far. On everything from my drier league condition at Olathe East, to my First 50 Shots video at Sterling Bowl where they're very slick (see here:, Trail Blazer just seems to do the right thing.

Fans of the brands that Brunswick produces should find this one as long/strong as nearly any ball they're producing right now. Obsession Tour Pearl and the soon to arrive Black Widow Ghost may compare, but I think Trail Blazer offers as much motion as anything else in all of their brands right now.

Stop by the store and we'll be glad to show you this new piece from Radical!


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