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Radical Sneak Attack Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 60 degrees x 5 1/2" x 40 degrees

RG: 2.56"

Differential: .036"

M/b: N/a

Surface: 2000 grit polished

Core shape: Symmetric

Radical is back in to the lower differential business with the new Sneak Attack. Radical's first EZ use introduction in some time features a low flare (.036" differential) core shape with a milder/polished coverstock to match up best on drier lane conditions. This ball is ultimate control off of the dry with a textured pearl coverstock.

I punched mine up with my pin up layout. The follow up to the Rack Attack series delivers as promised when you keep it in the correct environment. While this Radical intro has new business on heavier oil patterns, it's right at home on more friction. The lower flare core combined with the mild shell gives this ball the ability to clear the front of nearly any lane condition you'll find out there. I also found it to be ultra-smooth off of the friction. There's simply no skid/snap in the Sneak Attack.

The combination discussed gives this ball the ability to be very good on wet-dry lane patterns. When most balls over-jump off of the dry when you miss right, Sneak Attack just kind of "lays over" and makes a continuous shape to the pins. But that milder cover/differential does come with drawbacks. On too much oil, misses to the right simply aren't going to hook enough. If you're leaving 2's, 2-8's, etc, with this product, you're simply too far left on the lane (for a RH bowler). Keeping it near the dry is where you'll find the most success with the Sneak Attack.

Due to the milder nature, this one is going to best for our higher rev players, two-hand players, and possibly even our straighter players who want to stay on top of the dry. I can see this ball matching up at Olathe East very well on their house shot when it's fresh. Places like Ward Parkway and Sterling Bowl will be tough with this piece. Sanding low flare polished balls can have some advantages to blend lane conditions, and I'll definitely be trying that before I travel to the Open Championships in late June. The Sneak Attack may just sneak into my bag for this annual trip. It has the kind of motion that could be very useful in staying further right as long as possible. That looks to be like a good play this year at the Open Championships.

Stop by TBG and learn about this new EZ use ball from Radical, the Sneak Attack!


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