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Radical Results Solid Ball Review

by Jeff Ussery at Total Bowling Gear

Layout: 45 degrees x 4 1/2" x 70 degrees

RG: 2.51"

Differential: .044"

M/B: .027"

Surface: 3000 grit sanded

Core shape: Asymmetric

So before we get started, this is the biggest hooking ball in bowling right now, period. I've thrown most of the new stuff out this year, and nothing has the mid-lane and backend combination that this Results Solid does. If you want a heavy oil piece, this is it. Planning a trip to a national tournament, or a place where you have trouble creating hook? Don't miss out on this one. The Radical Results Solid is the real deal when it comes to hook potential.

Results Solid starts out with a moderately high differential core. But the key is the "off the charts" intermediate differential. The .027" mass-bias differential creates the super mid-lane move that is distinct with this product. Combined with a 3000 grit sanded, super aggressive TS-1 coverstock, you end up with a product that no lane condition can hold back. I haven't found enough oil to make this ball go straight yet.

I used my standard pin down layout, which I'm sure Mo won't care for, lol. But that's the layout matches up well for my game and always has. Drilled into the Results solid, it creates massive aggression in the midlane with unmatched power down lane. Since it hooked so much out of the box, I was eager to try some shine on this ball. That did increase the length a bit but didn't diminish the downlane performance. I actually preferred this ball shiny to the original Results. I thought this one offered a better combination of backend while controlling the breakpoint a touch better.

Radical has made some of the best equipment of the past 24 months. Those of you that have tried a ball or two from them certainly haven't disappointed. If you know what their products are capable of and need a heavy oil ball, this is your product. If you've not thrown a Radical piece before, come by and visit about this one. Wow, that's Radical!


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