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Hammer Web Pearl Ball Review

Layout: 60 degrees x 5 1/2" x 40 degrees

RG: 2.51"

Differential: .048"

M/B: n/a

Surface: 1500 grit w/ Crown Factory Compound

Core shape: Symmetric

Hammer's back to complete the Web series of bowling balls with a new Web Pearl. They've brought back the Spheroid core, an extremely successful core shape used in the Web Tour. By pairing it with an Aggression Pearl coverstock finished at 1500 grit compound, the Web Pearl will be one of the ultimate "league shot killers" on the wall this season.

I took the Web Pearl out to a few different places, including Royal Crest Lanes in Lawrence to shoot a First 50 Shots video. Check out the Web Pearl video coming in a few days to see the ball in action. Royal Crest is one of the highest scoring house shots in the area due to it's playable wet/dry feel. The outsides of the lane at Royal Crest are extremely dry/clean, and it creates incredible friction with the ball. But that doesn't always mean easy. Sometimes you get a very over/under ball reaction on lane conditions like this. Web Pearl blended it really well and made getting to the pocket no problem at all. On other house shots in the area, the ball has proven very useful and is in play from a lot of different areas of the lane.

One of my favorite things about the Web Pearl is it's one of those balls that always hooks, but doesn't really hook too much very often. For my game it gives me the confidence to know that I can "jump on" the ball at the release point without a fear of it over-reacting. For me personally, I can bowl a lot of very good games when I have this type of confidence. More hit and rotation at the bottom of the swing will create more continuation through the backend, which typically results in better pin carry. If you're able to do this to the ball without having the concern that it will over-bounce off of the dry real often, then your target down lane can get very wide, very quick.

I won't be touching the surface on this ball right now. It simply matches up too well on all of the medium patterns it was designed for. I do think it will be in play longer than most medium oil balls, as it seems to push through the front of the lane a little easier than most Brunswick manufactured covers. Conversely, it's probably not going to be of much use on heavier oil without a little more surface. I think it's going to be in play on all mediums, and even into some drier conditions for certain players.

Web Pearl has a unique look with a jade and smoke pearl combination. This is a sharp looking product from bowling's toughest brand. Stop by TBG today and check it out! Web Pearl is available July 30th.


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