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Hammer Effect Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 45 degrees x 4 1/2" x 70 degrees

RG: 2.495"

Differential: .050"

M/b: .016"

Surface: 1500 Grit Compound Polished

Core shape: Asymmetric

Manufacturer's Intent: The new Hammer Effect is unlike any other; it is the first ball to be poured in four colors. The gorgeous appearance isn’t the only thing that will turn heads; the Hammer Effect’s clean and aggressive mid-lane and backend performance is unparalleled in the High-Performance category. The Hammer Effect introduces a new core shape called Huntsman and has physical features that will remind you of other famous Hammer balls like the Vibe and Black Widow, creating optimum performance on the lanes. Along with the new core, we’ve upped our HK22 game with this new version that takes responsiveness to the next level. Once you see what the Hammer Effect does on the lanes, you’ll want HK22 – Cohesion Pearl to be used more and more.

Hammer's newest piece has made a lot of waves throughout the bowling market, and it's currently the bestselling high-performance ball in bowling. With a high-revving low rg core, Effect matches up best on medium to heavy oil lane conditions. I drilled mine with a fairly strong 4 1/2" pin down drilling. This layout typically smooths out the backend of the lane for me, and sometimes will tone down the backend significantly in certain balls. With regard to the Effect, I simply don't see that at all. The Effect is so angular at the back of the pattern that it's super skid-snap even with this pin down layout. This leads me to believe a more conventional pin up layout would be very hockey stick-ish in shape, and the ones I've seen are definitely that.

I also smoothed my Effect down to a 2000 grit sanded finish. With this sanded finish, I'm able to throw the Effect on a little heavier oil than the ball is likely designed for. With the customers we've helped so far, the Effect clearly responds to surface changes in normal ways. Far duller surface leads to earlier hook, but it doesn't really kill the down lane motion much. Far shinier finishes get the ball further down the lane and can accentuate the ball's motion. In summary, this means that the Effect is one of those special products that you can rely on in many different alterations.

In total hook, Hammer fans will definitely see the Effect as more motion than the Black Widow 2.0 Hybrid. The Effect is a perfect transition from a strong asymmetric motion down to a milder symmetric core (ex. Hazmat or Scorpion Sting).

We're extremely comfortable recommending the Effect for a wide range of players at this point. We really haven't drilled one that someone hasn't liked throwing. Come by the store and check out this beautiful ball from Hammer. We have these in stock in both 14# and 15# weights.



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