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DV8 Verge Solid Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 45 degrees x 4" x 70 degrees

RG: 2.49"

Differential: .049"

M/b: n/a

Surface: 1500 grit Sia Air sanded

Core shape: Symmetric

The DV8 Verge Solid is easily the most aggressive symmetric ball DV8 has ever released, both in appearance and performance. DV8 wrapped their strongest cover, Inciter Max Traction, in a super bright orange and white around the super low RG Threshold core. They topped it off with a 1500 Siaair finish making this the perfect ball for battling heavy oil for bowlers that prefer symmetric core balls.

I started by changing the surface on my Verge Solid to 3000 grit, which you can see in the picture here. I simply don't have a use for 1500 grit sanded now that I'm not bowling league at Sterling Bowl. With my two leagues this season being at Royal Crest and Olathe Lanes East, the environments are quite a bit drier and just won't allow for "dust" to be thrown. I also chose the 4" pin down layout, exactly the same as the previously reviewed Rattler. These balls were drilled on the same day, and I wanted to see the apples-to-apples difference in motion. There's a ton of ball motion difference on display by Brunswick between these two releases.

DV8's Verge Solid is one of the earliest rolling heavy oil balls I've seen in the marketplace in quite a while. This one's going to require super heavy oil volumes to get through the front of the lane. That early traction design gives Verge Solid a super smooth roll in the mid-lane, and one that's nearly always going to be viewed as controllable. Verge Solid ends up exactly where you expect it to when it comes off your hand. If you're off the back of the ball with less rotation, this ball is going to get forward through the backend very quickly. If you're applying a lot of rotation to the ball, it's going to have one of the strongest "hard arc" motions you've ever thrown. DV8 isn't pretending this ball is something it isn't. They're telling you in the literature it's purely for heavy oil by design, and that's where I'd recommend keeping it.

I did like the change I made going to the 3000 grit. It actually offered just a touch more length than the dusty surface that came out of the box. I also think the layout choice was solid for me. This ball is never going to get long and turn sideways, so why fight it? I played to the strength of the ball and may have found a nice niche "wet/dry" type of product for me bag. If you're bowling at one of the heavier volume centers this season like Sterling Bowl or Aaron's, this product should be of interest to you. This ball will definitely be in play for our lower revolution players at the Open Championships next year as well.

Stop by TBG today to learn more about the new DV8 Verge Solid!


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