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DV8 Intimidator Pearl Ball Review

by Jeff Ussery at Total Bowling Gear

Layout: 45 degrees x 4 1/2" x 70 degrees

RG: 2.48"

Differential: .051"

M/B: .016"

Surface: 1000 grit compound polished

Core shape: Asymmetric

DV8's new Intimidator Pearl fills a gap in their product line that's been open for a while. This polished asymmetric option gives DV8 a skid/flip ball in their high-performance series that you can really open the lane up with. Intimidator Pearl starts with a very low rg, high differential, high mass bias combination designed for extreme mid-lane roll and backend continuation.

By combining this core with a 1000 grit compound finish, DV8 has found a combination that is best suited to go around virtually any lane pattern you can find. With my standard pin down layout, Intimidator Pearl was at home going from left to right with big backend movement. I think this is one of the better skid/flip options in the entire Brunswick manufactured family right now. I liked Prism Hybrid a lot last season, and the Intimidator Pearl is more of that type of reaction. Versus Prism Hybrid, Intimidator Pearl seemed just a touch more rounded at the breakpoint, adding some predictability to the backend motion. This didn't hurt my feelings at all. Prism Hybrid was fantastic going around the lane pattern from left to right, but at times it hooked very, very quickly when seeing the friction.

With the polished finish I didn't find as much success going up the lane. It simply wanted to bounce off of the friction too quickly, which in turn locked up my armswing a bit when trying to make shots. But anywhere in the third arrow and left range was excellent for this piece. I had so much success at the same test throwing the Results Solid that I didn't bother scuffing the finish on the Intimidator Pearl. I'm sure it would smooth the reaction of the ball a bit making it better at tighter angles, but that simply isn't the intent of this product.

I particularly like the color of this new launch as well. Sometimes color makes it really hard to evaluate ball motion. But this combination of sharp looking darker colors really looks great.

I was a big fan of the original Intimidator on heavy oil, and this Pearl is an outstanding complimentary piece. Stop by TBG today to learn more about this and the new DV8 Decree!


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