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900 Global Zen Soul Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 60 degrees x 5" x 40 degrees

RG: 2.50"

Differential: .051"

M/b: N/a

Surface: 4000 grit sanded

Core shape: Symmetric

The new 900 Global Zen Soul is their answer to a product in between the early rolling nature of the Zen Master, and the extremely successful continuous shaped Zen. Zen Soul comes with a 4000 grit sanded finish for a slightly longer breakpoint than the Zen Master. By using the same symmetric core shape, the core motion is retained in this new release.

I have an original Zen drilled with this layout, so I wanted to stay with the same to do a true apples to apples comparison. It didn't take long to see the differences in the ball motion. Zen Soul is definitely earlier hook than an original Zen with the sanded finish on the S77 Response Cover. Confusing the two balls for similar ball motion simply isn't possible. These are very different products designed for different lane conditions. Where most users find Zen best on everything in the medium range, Zen Soul will be better on slicker conditions with heads that have significantly more oil. After throwing the Zen Soul on a few different patterns, it's definitely going to match up better when lanes are fresh. As lanes transition and the angles required move further inside, Zen will become the better product for most. But the Zen Soul is very usable from inside angles if you have enough rotation on the ball.

To prepare for the Open Championships, I added just a touch of shine to my Zen Soul. The shape of the product is much smoother off of the breakpoint than the Zen, so I wasn't concerned about the products ending up on top of each other. I also didn't add nearly as much shine to it as an original Zen. This light shine allowed Zen Soul to clear the fronts a little better on beat up heads, and added just a touch of angle to the backend (while still keeping this ball relatively smooth). I tend to prefer the ball in this finish and will likely keep it there. It's certainly going to the OC with me in this lightly shine finish. In my bag it's the ball that I'll go to after my Storm Nova (if in play), and before my Zen. I expect to get quite a bit of time with this piece when I bowl out there.

At the store, we'll be recommending this ball to several different groups. High or low rev really isn't a concern here because it seems to match up to a lot of different styles that we've drilled for already. But we will concentrate to those who tend to play a little more in the heavier oil portion of the lane. Tournament players and customers who like to bowl flatter pattern tournaments will definitely get a conversation about this piece. Also, anyone who loved their Zen or Zen Master and wants something new for the bag will get an automatic recommendation here. Overall this is just a good new piece from 900 Global, and one we have high confidence in.

Stop by TBG and learn more about the new 900 Global Zen Soul!


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