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900 Global Reality Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 60 degrees x 5 1/2" x 40 degrees

RG: 2.52"

Differential: .052"

M/B: .018"

Surface: 2000 grit sanded

Core shape: Asymmetric

The Reality is the second 900 series high-performance ball from the 900 Global brand since their move to production in the Storm plant in Utah. This pairing of the S84 solid reactive cover with the Disturbance asymmetric core is designed create a premium heavy oil ball motion, and this ball 100% delivers. The 2000 grit sanded finish aides its ability to traction in heavy oil as well. All in all this is a superb heavy oil condition launch from 900 Global.

I drilled mine with the standard pin up drilling for me. A lower pin position ball with this much surface typically isn't usable for me. So I went with the pin up layout and left the ball in the box 2000 condition. I'll admit before I threw this piece I was expecting a lot of early hook and a rolly/straighter backend. But I was completely wrong. This is easily one of my favorite "big balls" I've thrown in quite a while. Usually these types of products are the ones I call the 10%er, meaning I normally only get to throw it about 10% of the time. But this one does a lot of the right things despite being designed for truly heavy oil. Because of that, I'll likely be able to get away with using it on some medium patterns simply by playing deeper angles. This can create a super versatile product that sticks in my bag for quite a while.

The two features I like best about the product are the performance and the appearance. From a performance standpoint, this ball tractions in oil as well as any ball in the market. It simply won't miss the breakpoint. It's going to stand up in this measure against the best heavy oil balls in the market, such as UFO and Redemption Solid. But it doesn't roll off the oil and then slow down like a lot of the "big balls" in the industry. This one continues to hook through the backend and never stops curving for me. That lead to explosive hit when it got to the pin deck. Reality had tons of mid-lane motion and backend continuation for me, creating a look that I can't duplicate in my arsenal with anything else right now. All in all, this is a fantastic heavy oil piece.

I've left it at 2000 grit for now because it rolled so good that I didn't want to touch the cover. I can't imagine we'll be changing the surface on this ball for many customers. If you're buying this piece, you're doing it for a reason (heavy oil, Greater Ozarks team event, Open Championships). If you're going to be participating in these events this year, you'll want to come in and speak with us about this new 900 Global product.


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