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Storm IQ Tour Nano Ball Review

Layout: 45 degrees x 4 1/2" x 70 degrees

RG: 2.49"

Differential: .029"

Surface: 3000 grit sanded

Core shape: Symmetric

This one is an interesting update from one of the best selling series in the history of the Storm brand. The IQ Tour Nano combines the low rg, low differential IQ Centripetal Core with a pearl version of the Nano coverstock formulation. Typically solid covers are used on Nano coverstock balls, as the main idea is to get the ball rolling earlier in the heavier sections of lane oil. With the IQ Tour Nano, they've pearlized the Nano formula while leaving the surface 3000 grit sanded.

I drilled this one up with my standard pin down layout, and after I hit it with the first drill bit I thought I had made a mistake. I usually IQ series balls a little more aggressive than my normal stuff because the core differential is so low that they just don't flare very much. Track flare (the oil ring criss cross) helps create friction, thereby increasing hook. Without it, or with far less of it, hook decreases. Luckily the dull Nano cover helped me here and I actually ended up with outstanding ball motion.

This IQ Nano reads the lane significantly earlier than my original navy blue IQ. The strength of the cover here is easily identifiable against both the navy and the emerald IQ balls. IQ Nano has traction on fresh oil patterns and gives this series a ball that can be thrown "first out of the bag." The other IQs tend to be a little weaker, and are thereby outstanding when lanes begin to break down. But this one is going to be better when there's a little more oil on the lane.

I also noticed that this IQ seems to play the deeper inside lines a little better than the others. The others tend to be good in "middle zones" of the lane, usually between 2nd and 4th arrow. But they don't often have enough to turn the corner when thrown at steep angles to a breakpoint far away from the pocket. With the coverstock strength of the IQ Nano, you can pretty much send it wide and let it ride. It seems to be a better match up than other IQs have been from the far left zone of the lane.

Stop by Total Bowling Gear and learn more about this great new addition from Storm Bowling!

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