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Hammer Fugitive Ball Review

Layout: 45 degrees x 4 1/2" x 70 degrees

RG: 2.48"

Differential: .052"

Surface: 500 / 1000 with Compound

Core shape: Symmetric

Along with the Redemption series, Hammer has the new Fugitive in the marketplace. Fugitive is a mid-performance ball designed for medium to lighter oil lane conditions. It will offer less total hook than either the Redemption Solid or Redemption Pearl.

Fugitive starts out with a new low rg, high differential core shape designed for high revolutions and large amounts of track flare. With my standard layout, I saw over 4" of track flare with the Fugitive. Due to the larger track flare, I saw a little earlier motion than I expected from this one. But the Juiced Pearl reactive coverstock still gave enough motion in the backend to see a visible breakpoint. I wouldn't call this one "hockey-stick" in shape, but it's definitely more angular than the earlier rolling equipment in the marketplace. In the box surface, I think you'll find Fugitive to be best on everyday league conditions to possibly even tournament conditions a little later in your event (as the lanes dry out).

The Fugitive really came to life for me when I took the shine off of the cover. I took the surface down to a 2000 grit, and then back up to 3000 to finish it off. This gave me a much stronger overall motion, and I could really see the strength of the Juiced Pearl cover with a more aggressive finish. Once the cover was roughed up a little, the Fugitive was more at home on slightly slicker to medium conditions. I felt like for my personal game it really improved the usability of the product. Keep that in mind as you're looking at new equipment. Just because something comes finished one way doesn't mean that's the best finish for you. It's simply a starting point produced by the manufacturer.

Come by the store to learn more about the Fugitive and the other new Hammer releases from Brunswick Bowling. They've got some great stuff coming to market on a very quick turnaround since the acquisition of the Ebonite International brands.

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