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Hammer Redemption Solid Ball Review

Layout: 45 degrees x 4 1/2" x 70 degrees

RG: 2.49"

Differential: .053"

M/B: .015"

Surface: 360 / 500 / 2000

Core shape: Asymmetric

If you need more hook, this is your product. The Hammer Redemption Solid redefines hook potential in my opinion. I haven't seen a ball hook this early and continue downlane in a long, long time.

Redemption Solid starts with the new Redemption core shape. This is the first of many new products designed by the folks at Brunswick Bowling. Hammer was one of the brands acquired in November by Brunswick Bowling, and to see a product of this quality to the market this quickly is pretty astonishing. The Redemption core is a very low rg shape, creating fast revs off the hand and helping to create more hook. Paired with a huge track flare differential, Redemption Solid is flat out hook.

Combine that with a 2000 grit surface that looks more like 1000 due to the underlying 360/500 combination, and you've got a product that literally digs through oil. I haven't found any amount of oil that this ball won't hook on. This ball has also been engineered with Brunswick's DOT technology, creating even higher durability than standard Brunswick products. Hammer balls are continuing to be made with their carbon fiber infused cores as well. This ball will set the standard in product quality and durability.

I didn't try any surface changes to this one since I was testing the Redemption Pearl along side it. I think keeping this one at home on super-heavily oiled conditions will be the best play. If you're going to the Open Championships this year and have needed help in the past creating more hook, this is one you'll want to take a look at. I've yet to find too much oil for this one. Because of that, you can get yourself in to some pretty fun launch angles throwing this one away from the pocket. Redemption Solid has huge continuation off of the backend, and doesn't stop hooking like some other more aggressive, asymmetric core products.

Come by Total Bowling Gear today and learn more about the new Redemption Solid by Hammer. Remember, Nothing Hits Like a Hammer!

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