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Brunswick Uppercut Ball Review

Layout: 45 degrees x 4 1/2" x 70 degrees

RG: 2.48"

Differential: .050"

Surface: 500 / 1000 with Crown Factory Compound

Core shape: Symmetric

What I wanted from this ball: A couple of years back I had a Brunswick Melee Jab (purple pearl) that was an absolute fantastic ball in my bag. The Uppercut has been released with the exact same core system and an upgraded coverstock to provide more traction on the lane patterns we see now. I was hoping to find the hard-arcing sweeping hook that the Melee Jab used to give me on medium oil.

What I ended up with in this ball: This one's a homerun folks. Out of the newest release from the Brunswick brands (Vapor Zone Hybrid, Intimidator, Warranty, Zing Hybrid, Squatch Hybrid), this is the one that I believe is the must have. The solid black color gives the Uppercut the easiest motion to read on the lane. I prefer not to see logos and grips swirling as the ball travels toward the pins, so you can see I went with the black grips here. Those that prefer to see that stuff could easily identify the motion with a contrasting grip color. The Uppercut is an extremely fast revving ball with it's very low rg core system. This ultra-center heavy core system gets the ball revving immediately in the front of the, and it continues all the way through the deck without slowing down. The medium-high differential core provides plenty of track flare for the Uppercut to handle any average league condition.

I chose to leave the Uppercut in the factory surface condition. I always recommend throwing balls at the factory surface before making changes. This one rolled fantastic out of the box so I won't be making any changes to it. Without making the change, I can tell you from experience this ball will be outstanding with a little duller surface as well. It makes the right kind of midlane to backend transition that indicates it's going to be very good at doing many things.

I used my standard symmetric core layout on this Brunswick release. The core motion is one that I think we'll be able to use a wide variety of layouts on. Come speak with us today about this great new ball from Brunswick!

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