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Roto Grip MVP Ball Review

Layout: 70 degrees x 5 5/8" x 45 degrees

RG: 2.55"

Differential: .040"

Mass Bias: n/a

Surface: 1500 grit polished

Core shape: Symmetric

What I wanted from this ball: I was looking for something that would match up well on drier lane conditions when I needed an increase in length. I needed it to be longer than my IQ Tour Emerald and Astro Physix balls that I had drilled already (see previous reviews).

What I ended up with in this ball: I got exactly what I expected out of this new HP2 ball from Roto Grip. The MVP features a medium/high rg core system that helps it travel further down the lane before seeing the friction. With that increased length comes increased torque at the breakpoint. The MVP really breaks loose down lane and changes direction quickly when dry boards are present. The higher pin position in my layout also helped me to see that in this ball.

With the 1500 grit polished finish, the MVP is super long and would only hook early on the driest of lane conditions. But that doesn't mean it's at home on drier house shots. House shots are almost always stripped and oiled before league, creating a bit of a wet/dry effect as the ball travels down the lane. The MVP is not going to be best in this situation. It's strength is going to come when the lane is blended out a bit, and the heads have begun to dry up. Later in tournament blocks, or even later in league bowling where the lanes transition fast is where the MVP will be at home.

I didn't try roughing the surface of this ball up, as that just wasn't what I was looking for. But it would likely smooth the breakpoint out a bit making the MVP a little better on fresh conditions. Overall I think you'll be best to keep this one polished and in its intended environment. If you're looking for a great bang for your buck ball on drier conditions, this one's going to be one of the better ones at the store. Come by TBG and learn from from our staff here!

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