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Storm Intense Fire Ball Review

Layout: 65 degrees x 5 1/2" pin x 40 degrees

Weight hole: Not required

Surface: 1500 grit polished

What I wanted from this ball: This was the start of a new bag for the fall season. I was hoping this would be my middle of the road, everyday league ball. I wanted it to be something I could throw on a pretty wide variety of conditions, with a fair amount of backend movement. This is a pretty standard layout for "everyday" ball motion for me.

What I ended up with in this ball: This ball is definitely a strong reacting piece in the last 20 feet of the lane. The Intense Fire clears the front of the lane a little smoother than the original Intense. With the R3S Hybrid coverstock (as opposed to the pearl on the Intense), the Intense Fire is a smoother and more controllable transition from wet to dry. This gives the bowler the feeling of a little wider target to hit, while still maintaining backend punch.

I've also noticed that the Intense Fire seems to grip the lane a little better than the Intense in heavier oil patterns. It actually makes this product a little more usable on a wider range of conditions than the Intense. I always felt like the Intense was best when the lanes were opened up and fairly easy. The Intense Fire seems to handle oil a little better, making it more useful in my opinion.

Overall, another solid piece here from the Storm brand, and it smells delicious with the lava spice scent! Take a look at this one if you're needing a new ball for bowling league this season. It's likely to match up on most of your typical house shot patterns.

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