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Storm Hyroad Nano Ball Review

Layout: 65 degrees x 5" pin x 15 degrees

Weight hole: Not required

Surface: 2000 grit sanded

What I wanted from this ball:

I was looking for a new heavy oil ball that would traction through medium to heavy oil volumes and dig in to the mid-lane. I specifically did not want large backend transition. Smooth and curvy was the goal.

What I ended up with in this ball:

As I expected, this ball ended up just right. The Hyroad Nano has so much coverstock strength built in to it that is simply can not skid/flip under any circumstances. This is the heavier oil ball that Storm fans have really been looking for. Previous releases like the Optimus Solid were simply too flat in the backend. The Nano seems to have the right combination with a higher rg core system to carry if further down the lane, while still using the aggressive teeth of the Nano coverstock.

This ball is so much more aggressive than the Intense or Hyroad that I have in the bag, that there simply is no comparison form a lane play standpoint. This ball hooks "arrows" more than the Intense, which is an exceptionally strong piece. I'd imagine this ball is right up there with the 3-4 strongest balls on the wall at our store right now.

Hyroad Nano is going to be a great choice for those looking for more hook, more traction, more movement when other balls don't hook. Don't confuse hook with backend. This piece is NOT going to "snap" in the backend where a lot of people look for hook. Instead, it's going to grab in the mid-lane distance and then strongly arc through the backend. Overall a very good piece from Storm!

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