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Storm Intense Ball Review

Layout: 75 degrees x 5 1/8" pin x 15 degrees

Weight hole: Not required

Surface: 1500 grit polished

What I wanted from this ball:

I've continued to struggle early in the league season with the wrong combination of skid and backend movement. At my league at Sterling Bowl, I've either had early hook and bail, or too much length without enough recovery in the early weeks. I drilled a Storm Code Red with this same layout and it got me close, but still a bit too clean. I was hoping this would corner a little more than that ball with better angle through the pins.

What I ended up with in this ball:

This ball is perfect for what I was looking for. With a lower differential than the Code Red, I find that the Intense corners a little quicker and has much better continuation than the hybrid coverstock Code Red. Intense was slightly easier through the front twenty feet with the R3S pearl coverstock on it. I only had one shot all night where I felt it "missed" the mid-lane distance. This ball corners significantly more than the Code Red in the same layout. It was far quicker off of the breakpoint, and gave me the confidence that it always going to hook.

Due to the better continuation, it also played better as I moved further left on the lane. My typical motion at Sterling Bowl has me starting near 20 with my feet, and targeting 13. By the end of game two, I'm typically standing around 30-32, and looking around 20. The Code Red simply wasn't very good once I got inside 16-17 at the arrows. This Intense actually maintained as I moved further left, and only slowed down once I got to the 20-22 range at the arrows. After that I went to a symmetric Hyroad Pearl that corners stronger to finish off the night.

Anytime you shoot a big one the first set out with a new ball it sticks around for a while. The Intense is definitely a ball everyone should be looking to this league season if you're needing more backend movement and better pin carry through increased entry angle. This could easily be a top 3 release of the season. Come talk to us today to learn more about this great new release from Storm.

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