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Storm Sure Lock Ball Review

Layout: 65 degrees x 5 1/2" pin x 40 degrees

Weight hole: Not required

Surface: 4000 grit Abralon

What I wanted from this ball: I really enjoyed Storm's original Lock, and have drilled 3 of them. But it just hasn't been cutting through the oil over at Sterling Bowl this year, and the No Rules Exist didn't do the job. I had to have a different option, particularly for game one in league over there. The house pattern there is the thickest and longest I've seen in my 30 years of bowling.

What I ended up with in this ball: I got an absolute phenomenal ball reaction out of this Sure Lock. I started by surfacing the ball up to 4000 grit Abralon. One thing I learned quickly about Sterling Bowl this year is that the ball can hook early in the front if you're over-surfaced on the shell. I saw this with the No Rules Exist that I had drilled up. So I knew I couldn't leave it in box condition. Taking it up to 4000 and lowering my speed has been a great combo.

The Sure Lock gives me more friction in the oil than the original Lock did, and outhooks my Lock (even with 4000 grit) by almost an arrow worth of difference. What I've liked about the Lock series cores is the continuation through the backend. Other high end balls out there can sometimes read the mids very quickly and then burn up a bit. I just don't see this often with the Sure Lock. And with the combination of the 4000 grit finish, I can throw this ball a little deeper in to the set than if I had stuck with the rougher box condition.

Overall I've got decent length for a first ball out of my bag, excellent read off of the friction, and the best continuation in my arsenal. This one is an absolute home run, and it's a great reason to keep selling them strong at Total Bowling Gear!

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