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Roto Grip Show Off Ball Review

Layout: 45 degrees x 4 1/2" pin x 70 degrees

Weight hole: 1" x 3" deep; 1 1/2" below mid-line on VAL

Surface: 2000 grit Abralon

What I wanted from this ball: I was hoping to get a smooth rolling medium oil condition ball from the Show Off. The low rg and medium differential core numbers typically suit my eye well on medium oil, and this is my favorite smooth transition layout over the years.

What I ended up with in this ball: I got way more than I bargained for here. The Micro DNA coverstock on the Show Off is far more aggressive than I would have imagined. I've taken the Show Off to 3 different centers now, bowling on both sport patterns and typical house shots. I haven't exactly seen enough oil yet for this ball to actually be in play. That's how aggressive it is in the first 30' of the lane for me. I know as my Tuesday night league starts up at Sterling Bowl, this ball will be in play. But on Thursdays at Park Lanes, and on Wednesdays in the sport shot league at Lunar, this ball has been completely off the table. The surface strength combined with the chemical friction created by this ball have simply over-matched any lane condition I've been on recently.

We're going to start recommending this product to a lot of our customers looking for strong hook at a mid-level price point. I'm not sure there's more hook out there for the money right now. The RG Show Off is a super-strong HP2 release from their brand, and one you should be taking a look at it if you feel like your balls from last year are a bit tired as you're heading in to the new season!

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