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Storm Torrent Ball Review

Layout: 70 degrees x 5" x 40 degrees

No weight hole required

Surface: 2000 grit Abralon sanded

What I wanted from this ball: It's less than 4 weeks until my trip to the Open Championships in Las Vegas, so I'm trying quite a bit of stuff to dial in the proper look on what appears to be some of the trickiest lane conditions yet. I drilled this Storm Torrent looking for a reaction just a little stronger than a Storm Hyroad I plan on taking. They both use the same layout, and are both in the box surfaces, so this conceptually should work. Lower rg, similar track flare potential, and more surface in the Torrent should equal more/earlier hook than the Hyroad.

What I ended up with from this ball: Nearly exactly what I wanted! The Torrent is definitely earlier than the Hyroad that I have, revving up feet sooner than the Hyroad and smoothing out the backend far more. The Torrent offers a smoother, more "banana" type shape than the hockey stick that most Hyroads give users. This should be a perfect 1-2 punch for when the lanes blend out and hopefully open up a little bit. I'll also keep this ball in mind as a general fail-safe for times when I just need predictable and smooth ball motion to hit the pocket for a while. I haven't played with the surface yet, but I could see myself taking this up just a bit to 4000 grit to clean up the front end a touch. Overall, a nice addition to my bag though! Looking forward to the Open Championships!

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