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Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball Review

Today we'll review Storm's Phaze II, one of the sleeper balls in the bowling industry in my opinion! Phaze II is a "bowler's ball," meaning that it offers strong mid-lane roll and a smooth backend motion. Now that's not typically what our customers are looking for. Usually people ask us for longer and stronger than their previous ball reaction. Phaze II is almost the direct opposite of that.

I started by drilling this Phaze II with a 45 degree x 4 3/4" pin x 70 degree layout. There is a 29/32" weight hole placed on my vertical axis line, 1" below the mid-line. This is my typical tournament ball layout, as I like the smoother transition and earlier roll that it tends to give me.

When combining that with a ball like the Storm Phaze II, I get super rolly ball motion. This ball is simply never sharp when it sees friction. Predictable, smooth, curvy, rolly - all adjectives I could use to describe this Phaze II. I left it at a 2000 grit surface and have thrown it on a few different conditions. On my league house shot, this ball hooks too early and is flat down lane. It just doesn't match up the right way.

But on a shorter pattern tournament shot that I recently competed on, this ball was extremely good. With the early roll and setup at the break point, it really controlled the backend when every other ball wanted to over-react to the short distance. It's also a ball that I can manipulate hand positions with and get extremely predictable results. Overall, this is going to be a nice tournament ball in my arsenal, and one that may make the trip to the Open Championships in June.

For more info on the Phaze II by Storm, come by and see me at Total Bowling Gear!

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