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Storm IQ Tour Ball Review

Today I thought I would write a short review on one of my favorite balls of all-time, the Storm IQ Tour Edition. This is a ball I have a ton of experience with, through product testing days, ball motion comparisons, and competition on the lanes. Simply put, the Storm IQ Tour is a staple in a lot of tournament bowler's bags for many reasons.

Probably most important is that's just one of the best medium balls you can find in the marketplace. By that, I mean that when you simply need a good rolling, hard hitting "league" ball, it's tough to go wrong with this one. The IQ Tour Edition plays nearly any "medium oil" condition with ease. The ball has just enough length, a super controllable mid-lane, with a curvy backend shape that fits a lot of bowler's eyes. It just "does the right thing," as one of my good friends in bowling would say.

The IQ Tour comes in a solid navy color with red logos, which I think also appeals to a wide section of the marketplace. We have a lot of customers that prefer a dark, or single colored bowling ball. They're typically easier to pick up in the transition phase of the ball motion, and bowlers tend to describe them as more predictable than similar rolling multi-colored products.

My IQ Tour was drilled with a 5" pin distance to the positive axis point, just above the ring finger. The exact layout is 65 x 5" x 40. The ball was close to requiring a weight hole in the ring finger quadrant of the ball, but came in just under an ounce of finger weight. I get about 2 1/2" - 3" of track flare out of this ball, giving me a smooth and predictable ball motion overall.

If you're interested in learning more about one of the best selling balls in the last 5-7 years, come on by Total Bowling Gear. We've always got this one in stock!

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