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Ebonite Maverick Ball Review

Last week I drilled up this Ebonite Maverick with a little bit of a different layout for me, considering this is an asymmetric core system bowling ball. I typically drill asymmetric cores with a little weaker, pin up layout. But with a shorter than normal pin distance here, I decided to go with a lower pin position under the ring finger. The exact layout specs are 55 x 4 3/4" x 45.

This ball impressed right out of the box with super continuation and fabulous pin carry. I really didn't know what to expect, as I simply haven't seen a lot of these go down the lane. Outside of the PBA players on television, Mavericks have been hard to find on ball returns in the KC area. But I'll tell you that this is one of the better dull asymmetric balls on the market right now, after getting a chance to throw it for a week.

The Ebonite Maverick cleared the heads considerably easier than most of their similarly designed products of the past year or two. I attribute most of this to core design, as I could see it "lope" a little easier through the first 20-30 feet of the lane. The ball makes a medium aggressive transition in the mid-lane on our fairly slick house condition at Sterling Bowl. The backend on the Maverick was much more continuous than I expected as well, and the ball never really quits on me as long as I execute a reasonable bowling shot. It just gives me a little more room at the breakpoint - something we're always looking for on the lanes!

If you're looking for a nice upgrade to your bag for nationals this year, or possibly something to finish out your league season with, this would be a nice one to consider from the Ebonite brand. Stop by today and learn more about this great new product from Ebonite International!

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