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Roto-Grip Dare Devil Ball Review

Roto-Grip’s Dare Devil is their newest HP3 release, featuring a symmetric core design with a polished reactive coverstock. Overall, Dare Devil ranks in the middle of their hook range with more push and recovery than their Hy-wire, but less hook than the popular Haywire.

Dare Devil starts out with Roto-Grip’s Madcap low rg core design, with 15# balls having a 2.48” rg specification. Their lower differential (.041”) combined with a 1500 grit polished finish gives the Dare Devil the ability to glide through the heads with ease, while delivering a strong backend reaction.

I drilled my Dare Devil with a 45 degree x 5” pin distance x 70 degree layout. The balance hole is placed 1” below my positive axis point. Out of the box, Dare Devil was very “whippy” for me, turning quickly when encountering the friction. This gave me a bit of an over/under type of look on average league shots, and is generally a reaction that I don’t personally prefer. After tuning the cover down a little bit with a 4000 grit pad, I was able to mellow out the backend reaction and add predictability to the ball motion. This is a sharp looking ball with a teal/white/black combination, and looks fantastic travelling down the lane.

In my opinion, this one is best suited for medium to lower revolution players looking to add a strong back-ending polished ball to their bag. Higher rev players will want to touch up the surface a little bit, while also using a more controlled drilling.

For more info about the Dare Devil, stop by Total Bowling Gear today!

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