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Ball Review: Columbia 300 Impulse

After a few weeks of throwing this piece here and there, I'm finally ready to give you a few thoughts on the Columbia 300 Impulse. I drilled the Impulse with a 70 x 5 1/2" x 45 layout, hoping to have a ball to transition to after a sanded asymmetric ball that I've been using. The Impulse fit in perfectly with a longer, stronger motion in the C300 lineup.

Impulse comes out of the box with a 1000 grit polished finish, and is part of the Orange Line collection from Columbia 300. It's easily the longest and most angular piece in their Orange Line collection. Impulse clears the front of the lane easily on every lane condition I've thrown it on. From fresh house shots to game 3 breakdown, the Impulse never sees the lane early.

In the back of the lane, I've seen everything from fairly angular to strong arcing. I actually added a large weight hole on my positive axis point after the fact to slow the backend down a bit. This gave the ball more of a "point to point" type of look. Instead of the strong arcing motion, I was able to adjust it to a little for of a hook/set type of shape. I did this to gear the ball down a bit for the later transition at my Tuesday league.

Overall, the Impulse seems like a strong to angular type of ball motion for the average bowler. It's got some sharp shelf appeal with a red/blue polished look, and white logo trim package. If you're looking for one of the newest pieces out for medium lane conditions, take a look at the C300 Impulse.

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