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Brunswick Mastermind Strategy Ball Review

I finally got a chance to take the Brunswick Mastermind Strategy out for a spin. I drilled this ball identical to the Vandal Smash that I've had so much success with, with the goal of letting the ball design be the difference in the two reactions.

The difference in ball reaction was noticeable immediately from the Vandal Smash motion. The Mastermind Strategy is a far stronger cover, eating through the heavy oil pattern early on the lane surface, and building a lot of overall friction. It's also a low rg, and higher intermediate differential weight block, creating even stronger core motion and more control in the backend. All of this added up to a ball that simply has to be on heavy oil.

When on heavy oil, the Mastermind Strategy displaying a smooth, controllable breakpoint that matched up best when I could stand a little farther to the right. Because you're not in the skid/flip category here, you end up with a ball that's a little better when you can keep the angles in front of you and stay more direct in my opinion. Strategy offers super heavy roll in the mid-lane with the core system, and a continuous backend shape. I took the Strategy to a drier lane surface and it was simply too much coverstock and surface texture to use in that environment. Keep this one in your bag for the floods!

Overall, a nice addition this season to the Brunswick line!

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