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Storm Trend 2 Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 60 degrees x 5 1/2" x 40 degrees

RG: 2.54"

Differential: .041"

Surface: 1500 grit/Polished

Core shape: Symmetric

Trend 2 is the newest Jason Belmonte signature ball in the Storm lineup. This piece features a modified Piston core with a lighter density to increase the RG in the ball, and decrease the differential. What's that mean for you? It means even more length with a quicker response to the friction than the original Trend. This provides the bowler with more continuation off the end of the pattern with the core dynamics concentrated in this range. Differentials in this class allow the core to stay in constant motion without “locking up” or going forward too quickly.

I went with my pin up drilling on this one, mainly because I was just interested in seeing the backend potential with the core change. It was extremely noticeable from shot number 1. The Trend 2 undoubtedly has one of the biggest "change in direction" movements on our wall right now. The easiest way to describe this ball is "monster skid/flip." Trend 2 is super clean through the heads and gets to the breakpoint with ease. The 1500/polish finish is common on Storm balls and pairs well nicely with the Trend 2.

At the breakpoint is where you'll really see the difference between Trend 2 and other products. This ball flat out corners from everywhere. On a standard house shot, I haven't found a limit for this intro yet. Whenever I miss right, it simply hooks more. When I miss further right, it hooks even more. The surprising part is how much room I can create left of target with this ball. The polished finish combined with the higher RG gives me just enough length on shots left of target that I've found huge breakpoint windows when throwing this one. When the lanes blend out and get pretty easy from deeper angles, Trend 2 is a lot of fun to throw.

I've been throwing this ball at my Olathe Lanes East Aces league lately, and primarily in game three. Other balls that roll a bit sooner have been slightly better when the pattern is fresh. But once the lane breaks down a bit, I haven't found much better than this one.

Trend 2 is available now at our store. Stop by and learn more about this and other products from Storm!


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