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Storm Lightning Blackout Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 45 degrees x 4" x 70 degrees

RG: 2.55"

Differential: .029"

M/b: n/a

Surface: 1500 Grit Polished

Core shape: Symmetric

Manufacturer's Intent: Feeling nostalgic? We’re bringing back a favorite and giving it a major upgrade! The Lightning Blackout throws it back to classic style and performance that long-time fans of Storm can appreciate. Just as the original did, this modernized Lightning carries on the same reputation across length, power, and control. Utilizing a pearl version of the ReX coverstock in black obsidian pearl, along with the performance proven A.I. Core Technology, this bowling ball is designed to stand out on the lanes.

Storm is releasing this new black pearl high-performance ball this week, and it certainly provides a unique shape to the Storm lineup. The first thing that should standout when you study up on the Lightning Blackout is the rg/differential combination. These are core numbers you typically see in drier lane balls paired with far weaker coverstocks. But Storm has come to the market with a lower differential core paired with a high-end ReX pearl coverstock, giving the Lightning Blackout extreme length paired with a moderately strong backend.

I drilled my Lightning with a stronger 4" pin to axis, lower pin layout. For my particular game, I knew a standard pin up drilling was going to result in an extremely weak ball reaction given the core numbers. The stronger pin position gives me approximately 1" of track flare on the ball, creating just enough to get off of the original oil ring and build some friction on the lane. The 1500 polished ReX cover pushes the Lightning extremely long through the front of the lane without any effort needed from the bowler. If you're going to be bowling on drier fronts, this piece is going to be an excellent option.

As for the backend motion, Lightning is near what I expected with the higher rg property. Lightning is going to be extremely long and will need some friction to get going down lane. It's certainly going to be better when you have some dry boards that you can throw up against. If you're bowling on a heavier wet/dry type condition, the ball will struggle when left in the puddle. It's going to need some dry boards.

With that said, we have several slower ball speed players who are looking for high-performance backend with reduced overall hook. The Lightning Blackout will be a nice match for those customers. This one can also be a nice piece to move down from stronger balls without having to go around the lane so much. On the right conditions, you may be able to stay closer to your starting position for the day by simply balling down to the Lightning Blackout.

Lightning Blackout is available May 17 at Total Bowling Gear, and we'll have these in stock in both 14# and 15# weights. Come see us for more information about this new piece from Storm.


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