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Roto Grip Idol Helios Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 60 degrees x 5 1/2" x 40 degrees

RG: 2.54"

Differential: .049"

Surface: 2000 grit sanded

Core shape: Symmetric

Idol Helios is Roto Grip's newest HP3 performance category release. It features the popular Ikon core shape first found in the pink/lavender Idol, and is wrapped with XtremeTrax solid reactive for the coverstock. Roto Grip has finished off Idol Helios with a 2000 grit finish from the factory. It's one of the brightest balls on our wall right now in a Radiant Orange color. For those that bowled back in the 90's, you'll instantly recall the Orange Piranha color from Columbia 300 when you see this new Idol.

I knew with the low rg, 2000 grit surface I had zero chance of ever using this ball with a lower pin down layout. So I stuck with my regular pin up drilling for the Idol Helios. I'm only bowling league at Olathe East this season, and they're quite a bit drier there than Sterling Bowl where I had bowled in the past. At a place like Sterling, I would have taken the Helios to league with the box finish and given it a run. But I haven't been able to throw anything with a lot of surface all year at OLE, so I changed the surface on this Idol to a 3000 grit finish before I ever threw it.

This is a very large, continuous hooking type of shape from the Roto Grip brand. At a center like Olathe East and even at 3000 grit, the Idol Helios is just a touch too much ball for me. It exhibits a very strong, curving type of shape on everything I've thrown this ball on so far. I like to think of the Idol Helios shape as the big "reverse-C" shape. It's definitely not a skid/snap type of reaction. This one is a smoother, controlled but aggressive type of hook. A lot of times when you hear smooth, the first thing people think is flatter in the backend. This Idol Helios is 100% not that. I haven't found a pattern where this ball quits down lane. It simply keeps coming in the backend after it gets started.

We have polished a few of these for customers, but we prefer them in the sanded finish that Roto Grip puts on the ball at the factory. Once a lot of gloss hits the surface, the Idol Helios gets much, much farther down lane but still retains the smoother reaction. So my preference is certainly to keep Idol Helios at home on heavier oil conditions. We also won't really need to drill too many of these with real strong layouts. This ball creates enough hook out of the box with surface and cover strength.

This one will definitely be in the bag for me at Greater Ozarks for team event this year, and is likely to be in the Open Championships bag as well. Those tournaments aren't too far away, and it's not too early to start looking around for a new piece to compete with. Come on by and take a look at the new Roto Grip Idol Helios at Total Bowling Gear.


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