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Roto Grip Hustle Purple/Black/Red Review

Layout: 30 degrees x 4 1/2" x 30 degrees

RG: 2.53"

Differential: .030"

Surface: 3000 grit sanded

Core shape: Symmetric

Roto Grip is offering two new options in their popular Hustle series this Summer. The Hustle Purple/Black/Red (PBR) is pictured here. The other is the Royal/Aqua/Purple (RAP) which is a polished Hustle.

Both of the new Hustles use the symmetric Hustle core shape. This is a medium rg, low differential combination that gives the ball a mid-lane revving look while being very low flare potential (low differential). What gives the Hustle P/B/R the hook potential it has is the 3000 grit sanded finish. This cover wants to grab into the lane just a bit, whereas the shiny Hustles tend to hydroplane a bit on top of any significant lane oil. I've drilled this Hustle with a fairly aggressive layout in order to maximize the track flare I could find. Overall this layout gives me approximately 3" of track flare in this layout.

I really like this ball straight out of the box, as you can see in our First 50 Shots video series here: The Hustle gives just enough bite in the middle of the lane pattern without being so much that it gets confused with your higher performance bowling equipment. With some hand position and ball speed changes, you'll see that I can actually force this ball to hook quite a bit on a fresh house pattern. Overall I think this one is an excellent piece with some attractive colors, and we'll be recommending this one often at TBG. For less hook and far more length, consider the Hustle R/A/P as well.

Come by the store to learn more about the Hustle and the Roto Grip line!

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