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Storm Code X Ball Review

Layout: 75 degrees x 5 1/8" pin x 15 degrees

Weight hole: Not required

Surface: 3000 grit sanded

What I wanted from this ball: I was looking for a new "everyday" league ball that would hook on a variety of conditions. A couple of the balls that I regularly throw at league have softened up a bit in the backend, so I was just looking for a fresh cover that would be a little more ball than the Intense, which has been very successful for me.

What I ended up with in this ball: While this one certainly fits the bill of "everyday" league ball, it's a little more aggressive in the front portion of the lane than I was anticipating. With the 3000 grit surface on the R2S solid cover, I didn't quite expect such early aggressiveness on the lane pattern. This one definitely needs a little oil to clear the first 10 feet of the lane.

Once it does, the Code X has a very Alpha Crux like move in the middle of the lane. Controlled heavy roll is the signature mark of this piece. This one is a ball that I expect to be very good on flatter, tougher lane patterns where you need to control the middle distance of the pattern. Given what I see the ball doing now, I probably would have drilled it a little differently for myself. Instead of using this longer/flippy layout, I'd like to go back and drill it with a little lower pin position and a stronger mass bias angle. This would likely match up the strength of the ball a little better with my bowler forces.

Overall, another solid piece here from the Storm brand, and it smells delicious with the orange zest scent! Take a look at this one if you're travelling to Syracuse for the Open Championships. I'm certain to have one in my bag come mid-June.

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