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Why Use Microfiber?

You've probably heard a bowling ball manufacturer say over and over that you should be using a microfiber towel to wipe off the surface of your ball. But do you know why? It's not because it's more profitable for them to sell you a microfiber towel. In fact, if a company wanted to maximize profit, they'd continue to push those high-dollar gigantic beach towel versions that very few people use these days. Using microfiber is simply what's best for your balls performance.

The image on the top-left is a microscopic view of a cotton fiber towel. You'll note that is has several "round" threads woven through each other. Wiping the surface of your ball is slightly better than not wiping the surface at all. But with a cotton towel, these fibers generally just push the oil across the surface of the ball and have a low absorptive capability. They simply aren't effective at drying the surface of your bowling ball. But they do look sharp!

Microfiber towels, like the one in the image below, have the capability to actually pick up the oil off of the surface. Instead of smearing the oil, these fibers are designed to collect materials. It's very similar to using a shammy on the surface of your car. Use the right product, and you'll get far more oil off the surface of the ball. This will not only give you better performance results while you bowl, but will likely prolong the life of your ball as well.

It's time to put the woven, cotton towel down for good. Unless you just want to have the biggest towel in the center.

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