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Storm Incite Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 60 degrees x 5 1/2" x 40 degrees

RG: 2.50"

Differential: .053"

M/B: .013"

Surface: 3000 grit sanded

Core shape: Asymmetric

The new Storm Incite is the marriage of a new hybrid cover and a new core from the Storm brand. Incite features the new R4S hybrid reactive coverstock, increasing the porosity of the chemistry from previous covers in the Reactor family, while the new Tensor core gives the Storm Master series a brand new asymmetric core motion. Incite is a medium RG, strong differential bowling ball that was designed to bridge the gap between Thunder and Premier series balls.

I drilled mine with a 5 1/2" pin distance to my PAP, which lands straight above the bridge for me. I used a 60 degree drill angle to encourage the Incite to get a little further down the lane before hooking, combined with a 40 degree VAL angle for a medium response to the backend friction. I took the Incite to the lanes with several other similarly drilled Storm/Roto/900 Global balls to see where it would land in my bag. Of the balls I through this one against, it rolled closest to a Rubicon in ball motion. The Incite has a little stronger roll pattern in the mid-lane than the Rubicon, but compares in total hook to that type of motion. It is definitely longer down the lane than the Proton Physix and Reality that have recently come out. I can also say that it's 100% earlier hooking than a Phaze 2. The backend motion of the Incite compared most closely to the Phaze 2/Rubicon type of look, with a bit of a slower arcing backend motion. I definitely didn't see any hockey stock or skid/flip type of motion out of the Incite.

I believe Incite is going to match up better when the lanes are fresher due to it's forward rolling nature. I definitely think this piece is going to be better going straighter up the lane versus around the corner of the lane pattern. The rounded backend motion with the earlier rolling tendency should match up excellent for some of our customers who want to see the ball roll up earlier and play straighter angles. If you've liked the UFO, Proton Physix, Physix, any Nano coverstock balls, or other balls in that family of ball motion, the Incite is going to be great for you!

I did try polishing the Incite to see if would quicken the response to the friction, but I didn't see that outcome. It simply decreased the hook potential of the ball when I tried.

Incite comes in a silver/red/gold combination and looks sharp on the shelf. Stop by our store today to learn more about this new Storm Master line ball!


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