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Radical Crypto Boom Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 60 degrees x 5 1/2" x 40 degrees

RG: 2.49"

Differential: .046"

M/b: n/a

Surface: 1500 Sia Air w/ Factory Compound

Core shape: Symmetric

Manufacturer's Intent: The Crypto Boom is a pearl version of the original Crypto but now features the new HK22. This cover is setting a new standard by which all coverstocks are being measured. With the addition of the HK22 cover, the Crypto Boom offers a complimentary ball motion to the original Crypto with a clean projection through the front part of the lane, and a sharper continuous down-lane motion. The Crypto Boom uses the same core as the original Crypto, with a RG of 2.481 and a DIFF of 0.046.

After a lackluster performance at the Open Championships, I actually didn't bowl for almost 6 weeks. Once I decided I should practice one session before the league season started, I also chose to reset the bag with some new gear. The Radical Crypto Boom was the first piece I drilled up for this season and is showed a lot of promise when I took it to the lanes.

Crypto Boom starts with a medium rg core shape, used previously in the Crypto release from last Summer. Crypto was actually a fairly popular sanded symmetric ball in the store with overall positive reviews, so we have high expectations from this release as well. The update on the Boom is the addition of Brunswick's HK22 reactive additive that exploded into the marketplace. This additive has been used on some of the best-selling balls in the last 12 months, including Black Widow 2.0 Hybrid, 3D Offset Attack, Gamebreaker 4 Hybrid, and many others. The additive gives the base cover a little more "juice" in the backend of the lane across all of these models, and Crypto Boom is appropriately named. This one definitely booms on the backend. The 1500 grit compound factory finish seems like the appropriate surface as well.

The first thing you'll notice from the latest HK22 additive covers is the increased length in the ball motion. Brunswick covers were notorious for being earlier and smoother for years, but this additive really has redefined the window of available ball motion. Crypto Boom is the longest/strongest ball motion I've seen from the Brunswick family in a symmetric core ball for the last few years. The HK22 cover combined with the compound finish gets this product extremely deep into the lane before it senses any friction. But once it does, this ball moves right to left as quick as anything I've seen from Brunswick in a while. This makes Crypto Boom extremely useful on lanes that have transitioned and opened up past the first game of league.

While I did get Crypto Boom to match up pretty well on the fresh at Olathe Lanes East, it was definitely better in games two and three. The lanes at OLE are even drier than normal so far this year, so the length from the Boom is definitely a benefit for me personally.

I do think Boom will be a nice addition for a wide range of players, even our no-thumb and 2-hand players that are looking for a touch more hook. Crypto Boom is long enough down the lane to be effective for nearly any rev rate player.

Stop by the store today and learn more about Radical's new symmetric piece, the Crypto Boom!


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